Bottle Opener / Bottle Opener Tool / Jar Opener / Jar Opener Tool / Jar Opener Silicone / Jar Opener Grip / Jar Opener Rubber / Jar Opener for Seniors / Preserves Jar Opener / Lid Remover / Non-slip – Easy for Anyone to Use, Young or Old

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Looks like a weird yellow chicken – works like a dream!

This amazing all anti-skid silicone device instantly takes all the strain and hard work out of opening jars, lids, bottles, corks .. you name it, this will open it.

Made from top quality
Anti-Skid Silicone, this “one size fits all”. Tom’s Kitchenware will instantly transform your kitchen.

Buy 2 – give one as a present!

Even better – buy 3 – keep one in the bathroom for those awful shampoo bottles.

Better still – buy 4 and keep one in the medicine cabinet – never struggle with those “drive you crazy to open” pill bottles again.

Kids / seniors / everyone wants to try it … everyone will want one!

Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use – it’s the perfect modern kitchen accessory.

Never get “stuck” with jars and bottles again!

Click the “Add to Cart” button at the top of this page to purchase your silicone opener now!GOOD GRIP – Good non-slip surface. Silicone Jar Opener. Easy to get a firm grip and open jars and bottles even with weak or painful hands.
WORKS FOR ALL – Chicken’s beak serves as a perfect as a stop for the fingers and makes you get a firm grip. Perfect tool for someone that suffers from arthritis or have weak and sore hands and fingers.
WORKS ON ALL – Very easy to apply on all jars and bottles. Works either way and on most sizes of jars and bottles.
EWERYWHERE – An aid in all situations and works well in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, summer house.
GREAT GIVE AWAY – An ideal gift set for friends and families.

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