Kitchen Tongs By Cookhouse: A Set Of 4 Kitchen Tongs Made Of Stainless Steel And Silicone. Durable Utensil With Non Slip Handles And Heads In 4 Colours. Professional Heat Resistant Kitchenware

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Cookhouse Presents You With The Practical Kitchen Tongs!

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen equipment by adding these 4 Kitchen Tongs to your utensil collection.

You will be so thankful to yourself for making this purchase, because the Kitchen Tongs will make your cooking easier and less messy.

You will no longer have to get your hands dangerously close to hot food and you won’t have to serve salads with spoons and forks.

The Kitchen Tongs will do that for you!

The Kitchen Tongs Are Made With The Best Quality Materials!

More specifically, they are made with stainless steel. This makes them strong and durable and they will never get rusty!

The handles and the heads of the Kitchen Tongs are made of heat resistant silicone. In fact, you can even use it while frying.

The silicone handles won’t be slipping out of your hand and the silicone head will not scratch your pans and plates.

Amazing Design And Beautiful Colors!

Our Kitchen Tools are 18 cm long. Their size, along with their lightweight materials, make it very easy to control.

And they are easy to store, too. They have small rings on the top so that you can hang them and keep them always within reach.

Alternatively, put them in the drawer. Their colorful silicone can be spotted easily! Search for black, blue, green and pink!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal!

Cookhouse has created the most useful and beautiful Kitchen Tongs just for you. Your satisfaction matters to us.

So get the Kitchen Tongs and try them out! See how much they facilitate your cooking and serving and how great they look!

If you are not satisfied, you can benefit from the 2 year money back guarantee and get your money back!

Don’t Miss Out On This Deal!

Add The Kitchen Tongs To Your Cart NOW!

KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN: Use the Kitchen Tongs while you are preparing a meal or serving a dish and keep your hands clean at all times. The Kitchen Tong will help you grill meat, mix ingredients, serve salads or pasta, fry vegetables and meat, and lift hot food from pans. Even professional chefs use Kitchen Tongs, so why shouldn’t you?
MADE WITH THE BEST MATERIALS: Our Kitchen Tongs are FDA approved and made with heavy duty stainless steel that doesn’t get rusty or damaged. The handles and the heads are made with FDA approved silicone, so they are nonslip and they have great resistance to heat. You can easily wash the Kitchen Tongs in the dishwasher, but we do recommend hand washing to ensure their longevity.
4 TONGS OF THE IDEAL SIZE: This is a set of 4 Kitchen Tongs, so that you can use the, simultaneously during family gatherings and barbecue parties. All 4 of them are 18 cm long. That is the idea size for a comfortable grip and for any use. Or Kitchen Tongs are also very lightweight and you won’t have any trouble controlling them.
NOT A BORING UTENSIL SET: All 4 Kitchen Tongs have a different color. There is a black one, a blue one, a green one and a pink one. They will look great in your kitchen and on your dinner table and you will easily spot them in the drawers! They also have a small ring on the top that allows you to hang them and always have them within reach.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The Kitchen Tongs are extremely handy and everyone should have at least one in their kitchen utensils. We offer you the possibility to have 4 instead of one! We also offer you a 2 year satisfaction guarantee! So get the Kitchen Tongs and try them out. If you don’t like them, we will refund you!

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