Silicone Baking-Mat, Non Stick Non Skid Pastry-Mat with Measurements, 25×15 Inches 1

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Hate it when your pastry mat slips out from under you while you’re trying to work?

Tired of having to stop and look up common conversions when you’re preparing recipes?

Sick of having to scrape burned-on cookies off the pan or ending up with goodies that aren’t evenly sized?

Put a stop to the hassles for good! The Millbrook Silicone Baking Mat is the solution to all of your common baking problems!

The Millbrook Silicone Baking Mat makes following every step of your recipes a whole lot easier! The pastry mat stops sliding and slipping while you’re working, and it’s nonstick to put a stop to scraping. Plus, our baking mat has a handy reference guide printed right on its surface, putting an end to interruptions while you search the web or look through books!

Why choose the Millbrook Silicone Baking Mat?

– Heat safe baking mat can be used in the oven or microwave as a liner for your cookware.

– Nonstick surface lets you skip greasing!

– Unlike other silicone mats for baking, it has a fine mesh fiberglass core to prevent wear and tear.

– The nonstick surface is 100% food grade silicone, not BPA-laden plastic.

– Design includes weight, temperature & metric conversions.

– Printed sizing guide lets you make perfectly proportioned cookies and pie crusts.

-Comes with a no question asked lifetime warrantee.

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NO MORE SLIPPING, SLIDING OR STICKING Our pastry sheet mat won’t move around when you’re using it to roll or measure dough, and your goodies will never end up stuck to it.
IDEAL FOR COVERING YOUR COOKIE SHEET Our silicone baking mat is heat safe at temperatures of up to 450°F, so it can go in the oven or microwave with ease.
PUT AN END TO STOPPING & SEARCHING Why check a reference guide for metric, weight, temperature or measure conversions? Our baking mat has the info you need printed right on its surface.
ULTRA DURABLE & FOOD SAFE Our silicone mats for baking have a heavy duty fine mesh fiberglass base for strength & are coated with 100% food grade silicone for safety; It’s even dishwasher safe.
GUARANTEED TO LAST Our baking mat is backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure your full satisfaction.

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