Turkish Kitchenware N. 24: Turkish products (SPRING 2017)

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We are excited to meet you again in the International Home & Housewares Show 2017 and Hong Kong Houseware 2017 fairs special edition.

Turkey national participation organization to the International Home & Housewares Show 2017 fair is done 13th time this year by Istanbul Mineral and Metal Exporters’ Association (İMMİB). İMMİB participates in the fair with 10 companies, taking up a total of 232 sqm in the North and South halls of the fairground. Kitchen, bathroom and house goods of cast, non-stick, enamel, plastic, melamine, metal and glass are exhibited in the fair by the

participant companies.

This year our 25 companies attend to the Hong Kong Houseware 2017 fair, to which we have organized national participation for the 13th time. Our national participation stands covering 579 sqm, are located right in front of the entry of 3D hall, where the visitor attention is high. House-bathroom wares made of plastic and metal, cooking equipment of stainless-steel, cast and aluminium and glass souvenirs are exhibited in the national participation stands.

Let’s have a look at the subjects we have in the magazine, which you will read with joy. We have Vestel in this edition on Brand History page. Founded in 1984, Vestel has one of the biggest industrial complexes on an area of 1,1 million sqm in Manisa. Kastamonu Plastik, CVS, Penguen Home and Tutku Metal are the other companies we interviewed with…On the Styling pages, we present you the most authentic and new designs specially prepared for 2017 by Turkish kitchenware sector. We are sure that these original designs of Turkish companies will draw your attention as well.

On our Nostalgia page, we have “felt” described as “a kind of rough cloth made by pressing fleece or goat hair”, which used to be used for table cloth, ground cloth or tent and used for clothes, accessories and kitchen ware now.

Turkish designers Hande Yılmaz, Başak Oğuzalp and Burak Koçak told us how they fell in love with the profession and shared their very special designs with us.

Chef of Seraf Restaurant, Fuat Gören, who started as an old hand and bettered himself with various trainings, told us about the Anatolian cuisine and made us taste the delicious samples he prepared.

On our Travel Page, we take you to Safranbolu; one of the tourism heavens of Turkey with charming houses, historical values, city culture and natural beauty. Known as one of the cutest towns of Anatolia, Safranbolu deserves more than an excursion and is ideal for spending a weekend or even a summer vacation. Safranbolu invites all those, who would like to see how the nature and art can be harmonized…

On our İstanbul&Architect page we take you to Grand Piyale Pasha Mosque in İstanbul which was completed in 1573. The mosque is famous for its tiles and it stands out as one of the works created by the architect Mimar Sinan at the same time with Selimiye Mosque.

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Chairman of Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association Rıdvan Mertöz

Chairman of Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association Murat Akyüz

Chairman of Electrical, Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu

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