Whetstone – Two-sided Sharpening Stone – 1000 / 6000 Grit, Sharpen & Hone All-in-one – Includes Non-slip Bamboo Base – Professionally Crafted By Sagana Kitchenware – Sharpen Like a Pro!

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The Secret to Perfect Knife Edge Starts with a Great Whetstone

Sharpen Like a Pro, Achieve Razor Sharp Blades Now!

• Are your knives dull?

• Tired of cheap “easy” sharpeners that ruin your knives?

• Don’t know how to use a whetstone?

Introducing the Sagana Two-in-One Whetstone, Never Have Dull Knives Again!

• Designed to sharpen any blade – Knives, Scissors, Tools and More.

• Includes Bamboo base for safe non-slip sharpening.

• Free access to video tutorial learning how to sharpen with your new Sagana whetstone.

• Unlike others, the Sagana is presented with attractive earth tone colors and genuine bamboo.


Sagana Kitchenware products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Every Sagana whetstone endures a thorough multi-step evaluation process to ensure you receive a top quality whetstone.

When you hit the “Add to Cart” button right now, know that your order will be quickly delivered and we PROMISE, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your Sagana Kitchenware Whetstone!

*WARNING* When you’re finished sharpening your knife with the Sagana Stone, use extra caution, it’s going to be SHARP!

TWO-IN-ONE – This stone is equipped with a #1000 grit side for rough sharpening and a #6000 grit side for fine finish sharpening and honing.
NON-SLIP BASE – Included is a beautiful real bamboo base which holds your stone in place while sharpening and ergonomically positions your stone off the counter for ease of use.
EASY TO USE – Never used a whetstone before? No problem, we included a video to quickly and easily teach you the sharpening methods and techniques to sharpen like a pro!
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – This two-in-one stone is made from professional grade Corundum (Aluminum Oxide) to give you even and consistent sharpening.
VERSATILITY – Perfect for the beginner or advanced chef, in the home or restaurant.

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